Grow Your Online Presence

GlobalTown Marketing is a digital marketing and social media management company that creates an online presence for your company no matter what the size. We manage social media campaigns on all platforms, design websites and optimize your SEO with our GlobalSurvey¬©. 

All of your customers are online searching the Internet and social media sites multiple times a day. Stay connected with them daily and engage. 

Ask about our latest marketing effort with Wifi Marketing. Empower your business with this technology.    

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management


Did you know that Social Media is the #1 way customers engage your business and 60% of Internet users use Social Media to research products?

GlobalTown Marketing team's of social media marketing managers create and manages your social media platforms. We take the time to get to know your business and your branding goals. We then deliver engaging and creative content to increase your digital marketing footprint and build relationships. Let GlobalTown Marketing agency be your social media management team. 

Website Design & Development


 We custom design, build and develop a website that represents your business. Increased visibility is one of the major factors why your business needs an up to date fully optimized design. First impressions count and we live in a world where people will find you before they reach out. Consumers are likely to make decisions about whether or not they will visit your business based on your website and the experience they believe they will have.  

Wifi Marketing


Wifi Marketing is a relatively new concept in which allows brick and mortar businesses, to turn their wifi from a business expense to a profit generator. Guests log into the wifi by providing an email address, phone number, or social media engagement. 

From there business owners are

able to connect with their customers in ways that have never been done before. Allowing these brick and mortar business utilizing the wifi marketing technology to succeed and grow. Through its innovation, wifi marketing is powering the next generation of small business technology.

Search Engine Optimization


Potential customers will try and find you on different search engines. We help your website rank with keywords that are most important to your business.  An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for customers and search engine robots to find you. Not only do you have to have a search engine friendly website but once the basics are covered you must continue to market your content and keep it fresh. Contrary to popular belief SEO is not dead. You need 3 very important parts to lasting success with your SEO efforts. 

Content: We develop content that is useful to your business and existing audience, focusing on crafting assets that are informative and creative. 

Connections: Don't pursue links from other websites. Create and develop actual relationships that are mutually beneficial to you and them. 

Experience of Continuity: You can't just set it and forget it. Maintaining a digital presence is essential for success and the benefit for doing this is immense. 

Inbound Marketing


 Contrary to intuition, the speed at which we connect has allowed the customer the time to get to know who they buy from. Gone are the days of waving our hands and yelling "BUY THIS" or "COME HERE" to your potential customers. Customers want to form a connection to the places they will spend their money, and they have the tools and time to thoroughly research that decision before they ever walk through your doors. 

Our goal at GlobalTown Marketing is to put those tools into the hands of the educated buyers and hold the door open for them to come in. We understand the art of attracting rather promoting as well as the proper channels to deliver your message. By creating content relevant to your core philosophies and brand. We can connect you to your customers. With education and alignment of vision you can have a connection that can be nurtured for years to come and result in a true relationship.

Reputation Management


 Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

 Improve your online reputation and rankings!

GlobalTown Survey helps you get customer feedback and online reviews. We now have a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback and encourage online reviews. 

The SEO advantages of reviews - Google is ranking websites with reviews higher - 
Google's rankings algorithm is increasingly looking for reviews. Currently reviews make up about 7% to 10% of the overall ranking factors consisting of website.